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Saif Ali Khan

Everything will not similar to our expectation. Saif Ali Khan was determined to be a cricketer on his early life. Even he was trained for music. But he can’t get the success in that sector. Moreover, he is now one of a big boy of Bollywood. Rise and fall is the common part of everyone’s life. The same thing also happened with Saif. There he had to face random problem in his life. Over the day he never gives up and this thing makes today’s hero. A lot of Bollywood blockbuster movie takes place on Saif Ali Khan movies list. He acted with a famous actress and comes from high-class family. All those internal and important matters of this person’s biography will be clear this session.

Saif Ali Khan Personal Life And Biography In A Short View:

Real Name: Sajid Ali Khan.
Date Of Birth: 16 August 1970.
Age: 47 years (as in 2018).
Birthplace: New Delhi, India.
Profession: Actor, Producer & Presenter.
Debut Movie: Parampara (1992 film).
Started Work: 1992 – Present.
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He was born on the famous Khan family of India. His family status is the too much rich from another Muslim family of India. This is true that his family is Muslim, but his mother Sharmila Tagore is Hindu. His father name is Mansoor Ali Khan. At the time of 1970, he was born at Mumbai. His family has enough power to ride to make an impact on national condition. But he did not feel the need of power. He always tries to do something my own. As a member of Nawab family Now each month his fans are become crazy to know about Saif Ali Khan upcoming movie information. From the side of education, his family members are too much educative. But he did not go to university after leaving Winchester College. From the childhood time, he was love cricket and music. But he cannot do more with music or other things. so what? Still, Download Saif Ali Khan Movie Songs is demanding in India.

His mother was an actress and father was a cricketer. All those things make him multi-talented. That’s this is the reason Saif Ali Khan hit songs besides his movie. Basically, his original name is Sajid Ali Khan. Sajid was getting married to Amrita Shing in 1991. Their life was going well. But that was no longer than 2004. They have divorced. On next time he has made another couple with Kareena Kapoor and him. His present with is 13-year elder than him. They have one children name Taimur Ali Khan. When he was a couple with the first wife, there they had a child also. They are Sara Ali and Abraham Ali Khan. His sister Soha Ali Khan also an actress on Bollywood.

Saif Ali Khan Movies And Acting Career:

As we say before there was not too much plan of him when he comes to media. Even there was no plan that there will be talking about Saif Ali Khan hit songs of the movie. But he is now doing well with his acting career. He comes to the movie industry in 1992. Parampara was a movie that was directed by Yash Chopra and this is his first movie. After comes to Bollywood he makes few good friends there. Like Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar. He doesn’t have too much dancing or other film-friendly skill. But he has a chocolaty look what is actually enough to make his a movie hero.

He acts on the same screen with Shah Rukh Khan on the movie Kal Ho Naa Ho. That was the turning point of his career. He got a large amount of salary on this movie. Even it was larger than SRK. There was a lot of Saif Ali Khan Hit Songs on this film. After that, he was acting on a lot of blockbuster movie. He won Film fair award in 1995. The most demandable Padmasri award was also he won at the time of 2010. There are much more awards that he won in his acting career. He is also a part-time singer. He sings a lot of famous songs like “Yea Dunia”.

Saif Ali Khan Movie List And Summary:

Dil Chahta Hai: – That was a motivational type movie what was released in 2001. On this movie, they show there three friends who have overcome their all problem. This plot he has acting with Aamir Khan, Akshaye Khanna and Preity Zinta. On the famous movie database IMDB it has 8.2 rating.

Kal Ho Naa Ho:SRK and Saif have work on the movie for the first time. This movie has 8.0 rating. There are a rare amount of people who do not know about the movie. A lot of business success movie. There Saif Ali Khan Movie Songs about this film have few amazing heart touching songs what people still love.

Race: – first business success action movie on Saif Ali Khan movies list what was released in 2008. Because of the success, the director of the movie has decided to make secular and they did it what is Race 2.

Cocktail: – What will be happened when friendship and affair become mixed up. On this movie, he has acted with Deepika Padukone. This movie has made with the basic matter around three friends.

Agent Vinod: – May be this movie have built after inspiring from the movie James Bond 007. That was released in 2012 and get huge earn. Still few number of songs are loved by people. On this movie, Saif Ali Khan songs video have done with his present wife Karina Kapoor.

List Of More Saif Ali Khan Bollywood Movies And Download Album:

Without those movies, there is another lot of movie in his career what is become too many people accepted. Each of those movies is the biggest milestone in Saif’s life. Also, you can easily get Saif Ali Khan upcoming movies list in here.

Few Saif Ali Khan Movies Hit Songs:

Not only that, he is singing a lot of famous songs. Yaariyaan from Cocktail and Yea Durian from Love Aaj Kal is The example of Saif Ali Khan songs. This is totally free on YouTube and SongsPK. He is also good at play guitar. People not only search Download Saif Ali Khan Movie Songs. They actually love to search for his guitar playing video also.

Few Interesting Matter of Saif Ali Khan:

Saif was a regular and chain smoker. After SRK he was too much controversy about his smoking habit. But at the time of 2007, he thought that he has to left smoke and he did.
He has a serious weakness in the car. He is the first person who buys BMW 7 the black car in India. On his collection, there are a lot of amazing cars. Even he loves to drive on his own. Even he has a collection of the guitar. Each month random of people is seeking for download Saif Ali Khan Songs.

The matter is pretty much funny that, Karina was wishing at the time when Saif and Amrita getting married. And after a lot of years, Karina become the wife of Saif.
An English model Rosa Catalano was one of the biggest parts of this hero’s life. He has secretly involved with this lady for three years. After the break the relation with Amrita he has gone to the relation with this mode.

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