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There are few of people who are known for the Shahrukh Khan Signature style. Mostly he is a romantic hero have a lot of success and heroic past. Most probably there are three different generation who follow him. There is a rare hero in the world who have a better sense of humor, natural acting skill, and enough ability to match with any story plot. On his life and career, he face a lot of criticism what is his regular deal. But criticism cannot make is give up anytime. And his hard work becomes proven at each Shahrukh Khan movies after release it. Each day he makes himself motivate and start working for new aim and a new dream. More than billions of fans are waiting to know him. Let’s unbox those things.

Shahrukh Khan Life And Biography In A Short View:

Real Name: Shah Rukh Khan [SRK].
Date Of Birth: 2 November 1965.
Age: 52 years (as in 2018).
Birthplace: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
Profession: Actress, Producer, Television Host.
Debut Movie: Deewana (1992 film).
Started Work: 1988– Present.
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There are none of his family members are included with Bollywood industry. He was born at New Dhilli 2nd November of 1965. His family was not too much rich but they are respected by the Indian people. Because his father was a freedom fighter of India. The family of his mother also include with same to make India free from British. And SRK Khan is from this family whose fans are crazy to Download Shahrukh Khan Movie Songs and movies. On a lecture of SRK he says his father Taj Mohammad Khan was a most successful failure. He is badly inspired by his father. He was study in University of Delhi what is the one of most demanding university in India. As a student, he was too much talented. Besides acting he had worked for human development, modeling, hosting and producing on various movie.

From the genesis, he had a dream to be an actor. But there was not enough chance to reach Bollywood world. Before open the Shahrukh Khan Movies list, he had passed a pathetic past. When he was adult, he left Dhilli and visit Mumbai with a ton of dream. When he was in train for coming to Mumbai a lady slap him for a little issue. He did not forget that. On this travel, he was meet with gory who is his today’s wife. On the first meet, they fall in love. After coming to the city of Bollywood, he starts works hard. The acting was a like a war to him. He does a lot of hard tasks to make is acting skill like natural as master level. On the first time, he works on TV series.

On Shahrukh Khan family life he has they are four more members without him. They are his wife gory Khan, Abram Khan, Suhana Khan, and Arya Khan. He follows the lively hood of Muslim, but he did not force his wife to change her religion. His elder son Abram is a Potential young.

Shahrukh Khan Bollywood Movie Acting Career and Worth:

After coming to Mumbai he suffers a lot of struggle. At the time of 1988, he passes a very hard time. That time was not sweet like Shahrukh Khan Movie songs in a way. That he did not have any job or any offer for the movie. On those time he acts on the television serial on the simple role. Dil Dariya is one of them. At the time of 1992, he had debuted on the movie Deewana. The movie was not that much super hit. But he gets the first new actress award on this year. But 1993 he was acting on a movie Baazigar with Kazal. There was a Shahrukh Khan Songs name was Baazigar o Baazigar became too much hit. That become SRK super hit movie and there was few dialogue what is still famous to fans.

He almost acts on more than 50 movies. In his collection, he has a lot of history of success and more than 25 awards. There he shares the story of success and fails of his life on everywhere. In personal and professional life he is a very humble life. He is the owner of Kolkata knight rider team of IPL. According to the record, Shahrukh Khan net worth is 600M$.

Shahrukh Khan Hindi Movies List and Songs Summary:

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge: This movie was the first blockbuster film on SRK and Kajol couple. After this movie people are loved him to ask with Raj. That romantic movie has released in 1995 and after it earns ₹1.03 billion. There all most every Shahrukh Khan Songs video become popular at that time.

Chak de! India: This is the movie what have an 8.3-star rating of movie database. Moreover, this is the biggest SRK motivational movie on his life. This movie about the sport but it all around motivation. That was released on 2007 and it was getting success on its business.

Kal Ho Naa Ho: Who is the person who is not familiar with the signature style of SRK? This romantic signature style becomes famous from this movie. This is a drama and tragedy type movie. Even title songs are also getting a place on Shahrukh Khan hit songs collection. This movie was released in 2003.

My Name Is Khan: At the time of 2010 this movie was released and it was getting huge success in business. But earning money was not the main success of this movie. There were many topics he shows in this film from real life. That it may too much people acceptance.

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham: There is a sense that a fresh movie can motivate to have a good family. Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham is this type of movie without any doubt. This is the movie he was acting with Amitabh Bachchan and another senior actor & actress.

Baadshah: At the time of 1999 earn US$15 million from a movie was not an easy deal. Baadshah is the movie where they did it. This is a couple action and comedy movie. The title number of this movie is one of Shahrukh Khan hit songs list.

List Of More Shahrukh Khan Bollywood Movies And Download Album:

Those are the part of his Shahrukh Khan super hit movie. Without that SRK Bollywood movie, he has many more successful movie. Even there are a lot of Shahrukh Khan upcoming movies what are definitely possible to become a super hit. By the side of he has a business of movie production house. Red Chillies Entertainment is his production. Each month there release a lot of movie and songs. For reach and listen to those songs, people are always looking to Download Shahrukh Khan Songs on the internet and SongsPK. Also, you can easily get Shahrukh Khan upcoming movies list in here. Moreover, this is now leading production in India.

Interesting Information About Shahrukh Khan:

Shahrukh Khan Hindi Songs have weakness and respect for the Indian army. There he always mentions his thanks when he lectures on university or similar platform. Even he likes to play a role as an army person in his movies.

As everyone knows he is a chain smoker. He smokes always to release stress. He did not hide this thing from the front side of the camera. Even when anyone asks him about that, the answers with that don’t go for a smoke and it kills.

People are love to download Shahrukh Khan Hit Songs but they don’t know about an interesting matter about that. He checks every song’s lyrics before shoot their music video. He does not get agreement to work with controversial lyrical songs.

The most interesting things are, he does not like to have ice cream. Even he doesn’t like to act on the TVC of ice cream. But he loves horse and cars. He has a lot of car in his collection as he is the one or rich actor in India.

After founding the movie production company, he did not go to release Shahrukh Khan Hindi Movies and other product like songs, document or TV program.


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