Ankit Tiwari Songs Download

Ankit Tiwari songs download

Ankit Tiwari

Ankit Tiwari Whole Songs Life and Musical Career Information:

Few of time jingle artist may become a popular singer. Ankit Tiwari is the example. He comes to the music industry as a jingle artist and he composes, giving the voice a lot of jingles. Then his popularity brings him to the regular singer in Bollywood movie industry. At the current time, he is a playback singer and has an established career in Bollywood. he is now regular on-stage performance and music video. From a few years back he starts to do singing a lot of famous songs. Now a day Ankit Tiwari Songs mp3 from the internet is a very common matter. In this session, we are trying to share all information about this artist and his biography. But before the start, I mention another thing is that after over the article you may share it on your social profile.

Ankit Tiwari Songs Life and Biography In a Short View:

Real Name: Ankit Tiwari.
Date Of Birth: 6 March 1986.
Age: 32 years (as in 2018).
Birthplace: Kanpur Uttar Pradesh, India.
Profession: Music Director, Playback Singing & Music Composer.
Debut Song: “Sunn Raha Hai” (2013).
Started Work: 2013– Present.
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He was born in a Hindu family and as rules music and songs are the part of this religion, he gets the knowledge from his family. That was enough good start on the journey to making Ankit Tiwari songs List. His father name is R. K. Tiwari and mother name is Suman Tiwari. He was born in 1986 in Kanpur of India. Both of his mother and father was involved with music. They were own a musical band to earn some money. But they did not have a target for cover rocking type program. When Ankit was born his family was born his family was not too sufficient to deal him for education. After over his school level education from Jugal Devi Saraswati Vidya Mandir, he did not go anywhere for education.

But his mother and father were trained him by musical knowledge. Behind Ankit Tiwari songs download his parents have a huge contribution. His musical education and grooming were started by his grandfather. Then his mother and father teach him about the Indian classical music. At the too early age, he gets perfection to play the keyboard. He is now one of music sensation in India. For download Ankit Tiwari songs lot of fans are crazy. He is now a regular musician this is the reason you may think only music is his hobby. But He has another hobby without music and they are cycling, cooking and swimming. At the time of 2014, there was a controversy that he was an attempt to rap his girlfriend. And after over all those controversies, he was getting married to Pallavi Shukla in 2018.

Ankit Tiwari Mp3 Songs and Musical journey of his life:

In 2008 his father was inspired him to earn money. Same year Pradeep Sarkar was working for a TVC.  And he was a good buddy of Ankit. He gives him an opportunity to work on this jingle. But there was another musician and Tiwari was work there as a secondary artist. But as he has a nice voice, he got many more offer for giving voice in the jingle. That time earning money is the main aim of him. But according to Ankit Tiwari songs 2017 query, the jingle is not able to make anyone too much famous. Even that time he was working to making music for a TV program. But most of the time he did not have the lead role as he wants.

At 2010 he was meet with director Habib Faisal. At the first meeting, Habib was glad to know about him and offer him to make music for his upcoming movie Do Dooni Chaar. There he has a chance to make 2 songs. This way he comes to Bollywood music industry. In his entire musical career, he always tries to compose music but directors are like to take him as a singer. The best song what was singing by him is “Sun Raha Hai Na tui”. After release, this songs people become crazy on his voice and start waiting for Ankit Tiwari new song. In his career, he has won an award from Filmfare, IIFA, Guild and most importantly music Mirchi.

Ankit Tiwari hit songs, Bollywood music and details info:

  • He gets 3 different awards for the song “Sunn Raha Hai”. And importantly that was a U-turn in his career. Next, he sings another song “Galliyan, Tu Hai Ki Nahi”. In the Donwload Ankit Tiwari songs list those songs take place asan evergreen
  • “Dil Cheez Tujhe Dedi, Tequila Wakila, Mana Tujhi Ko Khuda, Alif Se” and other songs are sounds like trance and those are considered as a dance
  • As he has a classical voice, it is normal to that he is perfect to singing romantic songs. What people love to download Ankit Tiwari video songs are given there. Those are “Tu Milade, Badtameez, Alfazon Ki Tarah, Bheeg Loon” and other.
  • Often he was singing songs for few b-grade movies and there are also few Ankit Tiwari hit songs video. Those are “Iss Qadar Pyar Hai, Meri Aawaargi, Jhatak Ke Nacho”. All those songs are accepted by people while they don’t accept the movie.

List Of More Ankit Tiwari Bollywood Songs And Download Hit Album:

01. Yaad Hai 

02. Soniye Dil Nayi 

03. Saheb Bada Hatila 

04. Sunn Raha Hai 

05. Aag Ka Dariya 

06. Tequila Wakila

07. Galliyan

08. Kuch Toh Hua Hai

09. Dil Darbadar

10. Katra Katra

11. Bheegh Loon

12. Tu Hai Ki Nahin

13. Boond Boond

14. Tu Jo Hai

15. Shukraana

16. Aalif Se

17. Sathia

18. Tu Mere Paas

19. Dil Cheez Tujhe Dedi

20. Tu Hi Mera Rab Hai

21. Alfazon Ki Tarah

22. Agar Tu Hota 

23. Pyaar De 

24. Tum Bin

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Few Interesting information about Ankit Tiwari Life Story:

  1. No smoking and no alcohol is a signature of good man. Ankit also follows this two thing. But if you ask him that why he follow them, he will answer you that he was coming from a poor family. This is the reason he doesn’t want to get any kind of thing what spoiled his this thing what his family teaches Moreover, he likes to make Ankit Tiwari new songs & old songs list more decent. He doesn’t wanna sell him for money.
  2. The genesis of his musical sense is come from at the age of 3. His grandfather teaches him to play Dholak. But his mother and father want to make him a professional singer for their band that is “Raju party”. This band only performed in religion party. But after 20 years, he does something that even his father and mother did not expect. The core of people is now desiring Ankit Tiwari songs download nowadays.
  3. Often he shares about his stage show what he did in his early life. When he was expert to lay keyboard he was too young, I mean just a kid. He had fear to stage. He has done a lot of practice to overcome the fear. Most interesting part of this matter is, he missed the faded feelings right now at the time of regular stage show.
  4. When he was a student of Indian classical music, his teacher suggested him for practice 12 hours in each day. And he did it. But when the teacher knows about the thing that, he did practice 12 hours in the day, they become Astonishment. They now feel proud when Ankit Tiwari best Hindi song comes to market.
  5. Before comes to music industry he was doing a job in a private radio station as an assistant music director there. And then one he has a proposal to compose a jingle. He always wants to be a professional music composer. He never thinks one day he will be a singer. But now a day people accept Ankit Tiwari new song as a professional singer and try to get Ankit Hindi songs to the internet and you can also get his songs on this site SONGSPK


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