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Arijit Singh Whole Songs Life and Musical Career Information:

India is the country of songs and music. Their people love mostly songs and movies. Arijit Singh is a classic and modern singer of this country. He comes from zero and now an established and most wanted singer of the industry. Interesting but true is he is a Bengali artist and the present main job is about Hindi songs. Besides Hindi, he was singing in different another language like Tamil, Bangla, and English too. After the generation of Sonu Nigam, he is now the leading Indian singers. Download Arijit Singh songs 2017 is a query of last year. This is the time to discuss his songs and other contribution to Bollywood movie industry. Stay read to know about him.

Arijit Singh Songs Life and Biography In a Short View:

Real Name: Arijit Singh.
Date Of Birth: 25 April 1987.
Age: 30 years (as in 2018).
Birthplace: Jiaganj, Murshidabad, West Bengal.
Profession: Singer, Music composer, Music Programmer, Music producer Recordist.
Style: Playback Singing, Filmi, Pop, EDM, Ghazal, Classical.
Debut Song: Phir Mohabbat (2009).
Started Work: 2004 – Present.
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He is the homemade boy. A large part of people who love to Arijit Singh songs doesn’t know about his past. His father is an LIS officer is from Singh origin. Her mother is a house officer. In his childhood, the family condition was not too good. Only his father is the person who earned for the family. Both of them like music, even so, they were not able to send their boy to music school. He starts his schooling at Raja Bijay Singh High School. His singing skill was damn good from the childhood. This is the reason teachers were like him and called him each program in school.

After over the school life, he moves to the University of Kalyani for getting be graduate. He is a hardworking student in his academic like. On another hand, he has a love for songs and music beside music. This is the reason his mother admit him to Rajendra Prasad Hazari for getting more knowledge about Indian classical music. Who knows Arijit Singh New songs become too much trendy like now. He is the first music teacher outside of the Arijit family in His life. When he was a student he was starting to participate in TV reality shows and participate there for the audition. Success did not come in his life overnight. He did a lot of hard work for the position. He was getting married to Koyel Roy in 2014. Both was a friend from their childhood.

Arijit Singh Mp3 Songs and Musical Career Explanation:

Guru is a Hindi word what mention the respected person who teaches and build anyone’s career. His guru Rajendra was a real man who helps and inspire him to Arijit Singh hit songs. Even after having his inspiration he participated on various reality competition show and participate there. His guru always inspires him to do not give up. Once he participated on Indian idol what is a one of best famous reality singing competition. There Sanjay Leela has noticed him. His voice caught the mind of Sanjay Leela. At that time he was working for the movie Saawariya and was looking for a romantic and classic voice for the song Yun Shabnami. He instant makes his decision that he will take Arijt and record the song with him.

That was the beginning. Day by day it added new things in Arijit Singh songs list collection. This song was not too much popular but that was enough to make his voice to take the notice point to music director. From the song, he was starting to have few offers from music director. Now a day he sometimes composes songs but professionally he is a good composer. As a composer, he doesn’t have a good name till now. He gets a lot of music award in his this career.

Arijit Singh Hit Songs List and Albums:

  • He has sung more than 50 songs in the phrase of time. Almost every song are getting Arijit super hit. But some of them was cross the limit. tum hi ho is a kind of songs from the movie Aashiqui 2 That makes the total thing change and people and fans were starting love him. Arijit Singh songs and follow his TV show become more demanding from it.
  • In 2014 he was singing Bangla songs from a bewail movieBojhe Na Se Bojhe Na.” this was also from a Bangla movie and have huge people love. It was a sorrow song what does contain the sadness of lost close and lovable people from life. This song is still accepted by people even after like 5 years.
  • He was giving voice on the movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. There was a lot of famous songs like Dilliwaali Girlfriend, Ilahi and All those songs helped him to enlarge the Arijit Singh Mp3 songs list faster. The movie was business success and songs too. He got a music Mirchi award for the song Kabira form same movie on this year.
  • He gets the love of Bollywood king SRK. He was singing for SRK on the movie Chennai Express. The song was “Kashmir Main Tu Kanyakumari“. That was a dancing number. A lot of people was cover the songs with dance and other presentation on YouTube and another social platform.

List Of Arijit Singh Bollywood Songs And Download Hit Album:

01. Itni Si Baat

02. Main Hoon

03. Aaj Phir

04. Sanam Re

05. Mast Magan

06. Lo Maan Liya

07. Ijazat

08. Raabta

09. Humdard

10. Binte Dil

11. Roke Na Ruke

12. Phir Kabhi

13. Soch Na Sake

14. Ik Vaari Aa

15. Agar Tum Saath Ho

16. Tum Hi Ho

17. Kabhi Jo Baadal

18. Sawan Aaya Hai

19. Chahun Main Ya Naa

20. Manwa Laage

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Interesting Information About Arijit Singh Life Story:

  1. As we know he is a Bengali artist. On another hand, most of Arijit Singh Video songs mp3 is in the Hindi But actually, his father is not a Bengali person. He is a Punjabi and comes from Punjab. His father was working as LIC department. On another hand, his mother is a Bengali person and comes from Kolkata. Arijit was born in West Bengali.
  2. On early time his did not get inspired by any senior musician. He actually inspired by watching his uncle and aunty. His aunt was a music teacher and she teaches him classical songs. Uncle was a tabla And they were the first teacher of his life.
  3. He participated more than 5 reality singer hunt show. But before 2005, he did not get good on any show. At the break moment of Arijit Singh hit songs he often shares those experience in television shows. Even his first Bollywood project for the movie “Murder 2” and mithoon was his first songs composer. But later he was working with another senior composer of Bollywood.
  4. The songs “Tum Hi Ho” from the movie “Aashiqui 2” is the biggest u-turn in his life. Just because of this song he gets 9 different awards in the same Even this song was getting nominated for 10 events as Arijit best songs. He never sang any song in his career what get this much popular in the night.
  5. We know him as a singer and a musician and download Arijit Singh songs mp3 for listening. But he has different interest without music. Cycling, reading the book and hang out with the best buddy is one of his hobbies. Even he is a large fan of Bengali senior poet Rabindranath Tagore.

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