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Armaan Malik Whole Songs Life and Musical Career Information:

If a very young singer has a nice voice with hero typeface, then he will be most wanted to girls easily. Armaan Malik is much of this type of singer. Most of the time he sings romantic songs and he really loves to sing duet songs. From the order to age he is the most successful male singer in this industry. Even often in first look many of people can become confused that he is a singer of the actor. This is because of he is good looking and handsome as well as. Armaan Malik songs and his music from Bollywood movie is a desirable thing to people nowadays. In minimum time he becomes established in Bollywood. he is not a singer but also a good guitar player, songs writer and famous on YouTube.

Armaan Malik Songs Life and Biography In a Short View:

Real Name: Armaan Malik.
Date Of Birth: 22 July 1995.
Age: 22 years (as in 2018).
Birthplace: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
Profession: Playback Singer.
Debut Song: “Mere Buddy” (2008).
Started Work: 2008 – Present.
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He was born in a musical-minded family. Each person of the Malik family is related to music. He was born in Mumbai in 1995. The date says that he is a too much young artist of Bollywood and Indian music industry. The base of Armaan Malik Hit songs are coming from his family.His father Daboo Malik is a music director, composer, and songwriter as well as. His mother is Jyoti Malik who is also a musician who doesn’t go with too far with music. After their marriage, she tries to become a traditional housewife. In this family, Armaan has a brother only and he is the younger member of this family. His elder brother Amaal is also a good musician and well-known music composer there. This way fans should give thanks Amaal for the Armaan Malik songs download and listening experience. Armaan was inspired by his family members.

In academic life, he doesn’t like to study a lot. But He was deeply loved for music and he loves to stay with music and this is the reason Armaan Malik songs list become nice like as we see. Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Management was the institute where he passed his intermediate life. Then he sent his demo to the various institutions for having an opportunity for a higher study of music. Finally, he has the opportunity to study at Berklee College of Music that they offer him the scholarship. He is now one of the biggest sensations of India. But he is now not in any relationship. He loves to spend time with the music.

Armaan Malik Mp3 Songs and Musical journey of his life:

Indian people will not want download Armaan Malik songs or accept him if he did not get enough knowledge about music. After over his graduation from the subject of music, he was looking for his opportunity to making his own platform. There he tries on a TV reality show. That was the biggest chance to become a star in a night. After having the huge focus on people he starts music professionally. That time he was doing work on many little projects in the various album. He gets the proposal for Bollywood work at 2010. That was not about Armaan Malik songs mp3 recording or any similar things. That was for dubbing.

Because of the unique voice, Armaan Malik new song and old songs were getting loved by people. But before that, he was working on various songs in Bollywood movie. But he was not the lead singer. The listener can ask him as a side singer. But “Chillar Party” was the movie that was released in 2011. There was he is the lead singer and Amit Trivedi was the music composer. All those Armaan Malik hit songs from that movie was a huge media to promote him to fans and audience. He is now a full-time singer and guitar player. He collects the award from Filmfare, Stardust, GIMA and another event. Another famous singer Sonu Nigam was told that Malik is the singer who has very bright future.

Armaan Malik hit songs list according to the popularity:

  • He was singing for the famous Indian musical banner T-series. Famous songs from there are Tose Naina Tum Jo Aayem, Main Agar Kahoon, Khwaishein and other. Those songs also become famous on Even in Armaan Malik songs 2017 list there are a lot of songs from the same banner.
  • Few of his melody hit songs are Hua Hain Aaj Pehli Baar, Kehta Hai Pal Pal, O Re Piya. Random people are covering the songs with piano or guitar on
  • “What Love Is” is the English songs are singing by him. Other famous songs what are getting super hit from his songs album is Rom Rom Romantic, Bas Is Pal Mein, Kyon, Mere Buddy and others.
  • At 2016 in Bollywood there was a movie release named Force 2. A lot of people download Armaan Malik video songs from that film. There was acting a senior actor Jhon Abraham. Malik was singing for him in that movie. And those songs become a too much super hit.
  • Even he was working for two different actors. He was singing for Salman Khan movie hero. This song was “Main Hoon Hero Tera” and it was released on 2015. Another Imran Hashmi hit song “Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon” was singing by him.
  • In the part of Armaan songs list, there is an awardable part is that He was singing on the most controversial movie “M.S. DHONI” as a lead That was another achievement of his life.

List Of More Armaan Malik Bollywood Songs And Download Hit Album:

01. Main Rahoon Ya Na

02. Bol Do Na Zara

03. Kaun Tujhe

04. Jab Tak

05. Wajah Tum Ho

06. Sab Tera

07. Dil Mein Chhupa

08. Main To Hero Tera

09. Mujhko Barsaat Bana

10. Tum Jo Mile

11. Main Agar Kahoon

12. Dil Ke Paas

13. Pyaar Manga Hai

14. Tumhe apna Banane

15. O Saathiya

16. Sau Aasmaan

17. Naina

18. Shiddat

19. Kehta Hai Pal Pal

20. Tere Dil Mein

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Few Interesting information about Armaan Malik Life Story:

  1. You maybe think he is a famous person and he is used to for dealing with the crowd. But the thing is he actually like suspense. This is the reason he loves to go for a long drive where less of people. He also likes marine drive. He explains that this is the way how he can cut the relation with the world for a less moment. People now only try to get Armaan Malik Mp3 songs to the internet and you can also get his songs on this site SONGSPK
  2. Now Armaan new song is always expected to people. But his starting is from Indian TV reality show was a great turning point in his life. He participated in the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il Champs of season 2005. The interesting thing is he was one of the final competitors of that season. From that event, he comes to the point of the view of a senior.
  3. He was one of the talented singers that, he was able to discover his musical destination at the age of six. Then he was starting to learn Indian classical music. Even he was not wrong to fix his destination. He loves to keep Indian classical sense on Armaan Malik songs that he says.
  4. This talented kid started singing from his age was 4 and when he was 9 he was singing in a different Even he was singing more than 4 languages before 10. Even after start music professionally he is still singing multi-language songs in Indian classical style.
  5. At the time of 2009, he has a scholarship from Berklee College of Music at Boston for study in music. He released his first musical album at his age 18 from his elder brother production. After a release, that album download Armaan Malik best songs expectation had become start from music lovers. His most of success is comes to the people at the early age of his life.

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