Badshah Songs Download


Badshah Songs Download


Badshah Whole Songs Life and Musical Career Information:

In total India, there is no other language is become familiar how much familiar Punjabi language for a rap song. And Badshah is the one of Panjabi rap singer. Basically, rap is not a culture of India. But now a day artists of India love to fusion their culture with other culture. As a result, it gives better output and this way rap now becomes a part of Indian song. Even most of time, they become an icon for their fashion. After watching Badshah Songs Download you can realize one thing is that Indian rappers do not love to wear Indian dress. Overall it looks pretty weird if they wear Indian traditional dress during the time of performing. Gentleman, now we are presenting the details of this rapper artist here.

Badshah Songs Life and Biography In a Short View:

Real Name: Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia.
Birthplace: New Delhi, India.
Profession: Rapper, Music Producer, Music Composer & Lyricist.
Debut Song: “Kar Fateh” (2013).
Started Work: 2006 – Present.
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The origin of this artist is from Punjab. But he did not bear there. In 1990 he was born in New Delhi. His father was from Haryana. On another hand mother if from Punjab. After marriage, they stayed Punjab for a long time. Before born of Badshah they come to Delhi. Father and mother were not want to make their son musician and Badshah songs list did not get famous if he follows is a father. His original name is Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia. After keeping the Bollywood Badshah SRK he changes his name since he starts the music.

At the time of 2006, he was a student and love to make Rap song as a part-time task. As he had better skill his friends supported him for rap music. After hearing Badshah new song they supported him to make another one. At that time he got accompany of honey sing and they were a friend. They make a Rap song band name Mafia Mundeer and start music professionally. At the beginning time, they suffered a lot of barriers. Because that time rap song was not too much familiar to India. But before that, he was studying in Bal Bharati Public School. He did not go anywhere for getting musical knowledge. But now to the rap lover people, Badshah hit songs are one of the biggest things to get entertainment. In person, he was getting married to his girlfriend Jasmine. This couple has a son and now daughter.

Badshah Mp3 Songs and Musical journey of his life:

The time was 2006 when they made their band Mafia Mundeer. That was a critical time when they were not able to reach their song to people. Because there was no musical banner who stands beside them. They made their song and broadcast those on famous content sharing site YouTube. A friend and other people try to Badshah songs from that source. That was encouraging to them. In a minimum time, their fame was cover the total youth and their band member honey sing become a youth sensation.

Kar Gayi Chull” was the songs that were released on 2012 is the largest Badshah hit song in his early career. But later he was invited by the director of Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania the movie. There he made and compose Rap by own for the movie. In the way of Bollywood, it was the start of his journey. The more he started to have popularity the more he working nowadays. 2016 the most successful year of his life because he gains the best Punjabi music director award.

Badshah Rap Hit Songs, Hollywood Music And Detail Info:

  1. Once his song “DJ Waley Babu” become top one i-tune download song from the Indian region. Even people were starting to download Badshah songs mp3 from another source on those time.
  2. When his Bollywood movie career is starting he was release “Saturday Saturday, Abhi Toh party shuru hui hai” tow different songs what was gain huge popularity. Even after listing those songs people started Badshah video song seeking on the internet.
  3. List of Badshah songs 2017 becomes proper for “Tamma Tamma, The humma humma, Kala Chashma, Baby ko Bass Pasand” and other famous songs. Most of the songs are dancing number what is perfect for play in the party.
  4. His production for Salman Khan is “Selfie Le Le Re, Baby-Ko Bass Pasand Ha”. Those songs were sounds huge crazy and it was added to the hype of Sallu. And as a result, it becomes like hot cake.
  5. For solo songs, Badshah songs download have enough craze in youth. As solo and album production he made a lot of super hit production for MTV India. Few of them are “Raxstar, Driving Slow, Big Dhillon”.

List Of More Badshah Bollywood Songs And Download Hit Album:

01. Therapy

02. Trippy Trippy

03. Wakhra Swag

04. Aaj Raat Ka Scene

05. Nakhra Nawabi

06. Baatcheet

07. Hik Vich Jaan

08. Chaar Churiyaan

09. Akkad Bakkad

10. Teri Yaad

11. Nothing Dirty Anthem

12. Lover Boy

13. Bombae

14. Kala Chashma

15. Driving Slow

16. Bolo Har Har Har

17. Move Your Body

18. Tamma Tamma Again

19. Move Your Lakk

20. Mubarakan

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Interesting Information About Badshah Life Story:

  • To become a rap artist he changes his name. His father did not like those things. He was the main barrier to his career. Even father slapped him to go away from music and pay attention to study. He was expected to his son that one day son will be a high paying service holder. This is not known to those people who Download Badshah hindi songs mp3 but it happened.
  • People now only try to get Badshah songs to the internet and you can also get his songs on this site SONGSPK
  • He and the Rap artist “Yo Yo Honey Sing” started their musical journey together. But honey sing gets his success at the early time. And that’s why honey left him and go front. On another hand, he struggles to be a successful person and now he has a perfect future as he wants. Moreover he and honey have good friends till.
  • Learning music is an important thing to musicians. Because none of the artists can’t be perfect if he doesn’t have proper knowledge about music. But he doesn’t have them too much musical knowledge and did not go any institute to learning His determination bring him to the front of the stage. Those people who Download Badshah rap songs of listening to his songs are cannot get this thing. This is a motivational story what proves that, if anyone has passion and love to do anything, he must be can do it.
  • He was a student of PEC University of Technology and him over his graduation as an engineering As if he did not go for having a job to an interview. He was dreamed to be a musician from his college life. He was made a song and his friends were inspire him about it. That was the start and now he is one of the established and high paying rap artist in India.
  • It does not matter Badshah songs list makes sweet noise. In personal life, he is a calm person who doesn’t like to noise a lot and love stay time with family. On public life, he likes to do stage perform more than recording.

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